Illustrated Jamaican Proverbs with Rushey Green Primary School

Illustrated Jamaican Proverbs with Rushey Green Primary School

In October 2019 I conducted a bespoke assembly and all school workshop with Rushey Green Primary School. The subject? My Illustrated Jamaican Proverb project. The chosen proverb? “Ef yu si a nex man bierd kech a faiya, no laaf, wet up fi yuh!" (Translation: If you see a mans beard on fire, don’t laugh at him! Wet your beard!)

So what does it mean? Don‘t laugh at someone’s misfortune, learn from their experience, and take steps to ensure that what happened to them – does not happen to you.

The volunteer students drew scenes in which they felt that proverb could be used. Here’s what they produced …



On the left; A man with a high top just about to leave the house, upon looking out of the window, he sees a man outside with no umbrella. He mustn’t forget his! In the Middle; A woman goes to leave her house and witnesses her neighbour being locked out of their house! They forgot their keys, she mustn’t forget hers! On the right; A young boy is out with his friends, a kid phone the neighbourhood drops his new phone, all the other kids laugh, but the first boy, he checks his phone is secure.

It took a little work but managed to incorporate the children’s drawings and storylines into a single illustration, but incorporate them I did!




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